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by Addyist


Überviz is a generative realtime Music Visualizer. Multiple layered audio-reactive visuals automatically sync to incoming audio from the microphone or MP3. Visuals and Post-Processing FX are selected to create a non-repeating progression over time. Audio Reactivity is achieved by processing a combination of audio inputs: Volume, Frequency Levels, Audio Waveform, Beat Detection and BPM.

Music Credits

  • Music is "Lucid" by addyist (Spotify, Apple Music) .
  • Built with Three.js, GSAP, WebGL and Web Audio API.
  • Built by UberViz .

Sequence Mode

When selecting the 'Play Sample Music' option, a predefined sequence of visuals and effects is synced to the track.

Automatic Mode

By default Überviz automatically works with the incoming audio. Visuals and FXs switch out based on beat detection.

Manual Mode

Hit 'Q' to toggle the Control Panel. Uncheck 'AUTO' for manual control of VIZ and FX. Use AUDIO 'Gain' to adjust for source volume. Tap 'W' to set BPM. Use VIZ sliders to adjust audio-reactive Viz parameters. Use FX sliders to adjust post-processing effects.

BPM: 120.0